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Our Chinese Picture Jasper

Below are shown the various styles.  Click on the image or title of choice and you will be taken to that eShelf.

We are able to ship directly from our store in China.  If any of these eShelves become unavailable and you wish to order and time is not an issue please contact us.

We have hundreds of these fine quality stones, far too many to post online. Thus we post about 20 in each category on our eShelves for your buying power. Keep in mind that the colors and patters are completely natural. They have NOT been painted or etched. We do NOT embellish them with false impressions. Some have been sliced; all have been shaped and polished to produce a high finish quality display setting. We set them in nicely finished wood bases that are individually fit for each stone which results in a beautiful piece ideal for home or office exhibition. There are a wide variety of natural patterns and colors as well of sizes and shapes of the cut, for maximum choice of your needs and desires. We have hundreds in our inventory but it is not practical to list them all here. If you have a particular look, color or maybe even a design you are looking for, please ask. Maybe we have something in that range of desire.

These stones have been called Suiseki Guohua Stone, Dendritic Siltsone, Chinese Painting Stone, Chinese Picture Jasper and in Guangxi Province of China they are also called CaoHua Shi (Grass and Flower Stone). The patterns and colors in these stones are naturally embedded in the rock during their formation thousands or millions of years ago. To learn more about these stones click here and get some information about their geological formation.


Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote

5.75"w x .5"d x 4.25"h
1 lb. each

$ 200  for set

4.75 inch Rectanglar

3.5 inch Diameter

6 inch Oval

Oblong Various Sizes




Split Face

Tokens and Pendants Pendant Necklace Rough Stone
PJ2 Gift Box Pen, Pencil, Brush Box PJ3 Gift Box


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